Robert A. McNees

Occasionally I write out some of my notes and stick them here for easy access. They probably are not useful to anyone else, but if you do find them useful please let me know. Be careful: anything that you find here is probably full of typos!

Conventions, Definitions, Identities, and Other Useful Formulae
Thanks to Juan Jottar for catching a typo in a previous version.

The ADM Decomposition
A quick and dirty review of the geometry underlying Arnowitt, Deser, and Misner's Hamiltonian approach to General Relativity.

Particle Physics Formula Sheet
Reference sheet for an undergraduate Particle Physics course. Unfortunately, the (+,-,-,-) signature is used throughout.

The Eightfold Way
A visual reference for Murray Gell-Mann's Eightfold Way. From the same course as the particle physics formula sheet.