Robert A. McNees

I'm a big believer in talking to people about science. I will happily visit schools, clubs, libraries, or museums — just about any place where people get together, really — and go on at length about modern physics and the fascinating things it teaches us about the world.

But if you so much as make eye contact I will assume that you want to hear about black holes right now.

Do you belong to group that is interested in hearing about black holes, big bangs, the runaway expansion of the Universe, and things of that (ahem) Nature? Then please get in touch!

Here are copies of a few talks I've given to high school and college students. Feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. A few of these are PowerPoint presentations, which means that some of the fonts that I used (specifically, the nice chalk board font) can't be embedded .

“A Brief Tour of Relativity and Cosmology”
A talk given to high school students at the Adler
Planetarium's Astro-Science Workshop, 2012-14.

A Brief Tour of Relativity and Cosmology

“What is String Theory?”
From my visit to the University of Waterloo Space Society in 2009.

What is String Theory?

“From the Big Bang to String Theory”
A talk given at the DoE National Science Bowl in 2007