Crews and Robots

A browser extension that replaces occurrences of ‘manned’ with ‘crewed’ and ‘unmanned’ with ‘robotic’.

Update: Dan Zimmerman was kind enough to provide an extension for Safari. Find it in the Variants section, below.


Follow these instructions to install the extension for Chrome. Hop on down to the Variants section if you use Safari or Firefox. If you use IE I don't know what to tell you.

  1. Click on this link to download the extension: CrewsAndRobots.crx
  2. Chrome will complain that it can't install extensions from this page. Don't even worry.
  3. Open the Extensions page in Chrome. (Window → Extensions)
  4. Drag the file “CrewsAndRobots.crx” onto the Extensions page.
  5. Patiently listen to Chrome protest about the extension not being from the app store. Tell it to install anyway.

Once you install the plugin it will replace the text on most web pages, including this one. There are a few places it won't work, like google search pages or your twitter feed. (It will change the text on pages for individual tweets, though!)




If you prefer ‘uncrewed’ to ‘robotic’ you can download a different version of the extension: Crewed.crx. Or if ‘autonomous’ is your thing, here's a version that does that: CrewedAndAutonomous.crx. The instructions are the same as above.

Do you use Safari? I don't blame you. Click here to download the Safari extension, written by Dan Zimmerman.

Amory Meltzer has whipped up a version for Firefox, which you can download here.


The extension was prompted by comments that @AstroKatie and @Alex_Parker made on twitter. This may have contributed, too:

Almost all of the code in this extension was taken directly from this project, by Steven Frank of Panic. (The folks at Panic make great software.)

Other Extensions

Hate torture? Let's Not Mince Words is an extension that changes “enhanced interrogation techniques” to “torture”. Download it here. The instructions are the same as above.