Robert A. McNees

Hello! I'm an associate professor in the Department of Physics at Loyola University Chicago. My research addresses problems in general relativity, cosmology, string theory, and quantum field theory. I spend a lot of time thinking about black holes.

I grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, went to college at UNC-Chapel Hill, and did my graduate work at UT-Austin. After finishing my PhD I held post-doctoral positions at the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics, Brown University, and the Perimeter Institute. You can see a copy of my CV here, and my Google Scholar profile here.

If you're looking for course websites, here are links to Electricity & Magnetism and Introduction to Particle Physics. There is also a web version of my notes on conventions, definitions, identities, and useful formulas. There is a version available here which may be more up-to-date!

I am pretty active on social media. You might be able to find me on Twitter, but things over there are pretty grim so you're more likely to find me on Mastodon and maybe elsewhere.

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